[Announcement] Illustration Created for the Paper on Self-standing GMS membrane as Lithium-Air Battery Cathode Featured on Journal Cover

An illustration created for the paper on Graphene MesoSponge® (GMS) annouced by Nishihara Laboratory (Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University), published in November 2023, has graced the cover of the January 12, 2024 issue of the scientific journal ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS.

3DC is the university start-up company that aims to commercialize GMS, which was invented at the Nishihara Laboratory. Currently, some patents related to GMS have been transferred from Tohoku University to 3DC.

ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS Volume14, Issue2 (January 12, 2024)

The paper discusses the use of self-standing GMS membrane as cathodes in lithium-air batteries, achieving world-class performance. The research team states that this achievement underscores that “GMS represents an ideal form of carbon cathode”.

For more details on this paper, please see the news article below.