Powering a Sustainable Society with Carbon Material Innovation

Our 3D carbon material, Graphene MesoSponge® (GMS), pioneers a new dimension in battery technology.


In the quest for a decarbonized society, the evolution of batteries is indispensable. Our NEWLY developed carbon material, Graphene MesoSponge® (GMS), addresses key battery challenges: compact and high efficiency, resistance to degradation for longer life, safety, and reduced environmental impact. GMS paves the way for efficient energy storage. We are committed to contributing to a future society that is both environmentally friendly and enriching for humanity through our development of carbon materials.

About us

3DC is a startup that aims to commercialize GMS, a next-generation carbon material developed by the Nishihara Lab at the Advanced Institute for Materials Research of Tohoku University. “3DC” stands for “three-dimensional carbon materials,” based on GMS as a material expanded three-dimensionally from the two-dimensional carbon material known as graphene. We dedicate each day to diligently advancing the development of GMS applications that improve the performance and durability of energy storage.



Innovation that starts with materials is essential for realizing a sustainable future. Join us in innovating the world through the power of materials.


3DC is a Tohoku University-affiliated carbon materials startup.
Nishihara Lab (Advanced Institute for Materials Research)


3DC is selected as one of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers.


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