3DC Publishes Impact Report on Decarbonization Facilitated by GMS

3DC has released an impact report summarizing the promotion of decarbonization through its new carbon material, Graphene MesoSponge® (GMS).

With the global trend towards decarbonization, the market for storage batteries is expected to grow rapidly. However, the manufacturing process of these batteries has a significant environmental impact. Therefore, the development of technologies for “longer life” to reduce the frequency of battery production and “higher capacity” to store electricity more efficiently with fewer resources has become a critical priority.

This is where GMS, developed by 3DC, plays an important role. The use of GMS not only reduces the environmental impact of battery production, but also enables decarbonization across the entire value chain. With GMS, 3DC aims to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 720 million tons by 2050.

For more details, see the full report below.